Saturday, April 30, 2011

Try, try, try again!

Well this is officially my second attempt to understand the capabilities of the internet! I have started this blog in hopes that this time I will have a better understanding how to manage and operate a blog. I have never been a friend to technology; I don't even own a cell phone! But I have come to the realization that I must come to terms with the idea of "staying connected."

I have a shop on that I have began in December of last year. I started it in hopes to be able to continue as a stay at home mom, yet still paint and sell my artwork. So far it is going well! I have had four sales and have changed my focus a couple times now.

I started my shop by first listing a couple original pieces then made up prints of a few other originals that I had done. After not seeing much action with those, I decided to start making growth charts. Those were a ton of fun to make! Still, not seeing much actions I decided to change the size that I work.

Lately I have been working with 5x7 sized paintings. It makes sense this way because it will be easier for anyone to buy one and stick it into a frame they already have. Not everybody has experienced custom framing yet alone be able to really afford to do so with an economy like we have right now. That is how I got my first sales!

It is actually easier for me to work with 5x7 sized paper, since I have an active three year old bounding through out the house! I am able to complete more pieces and work faster.

It is funny how things change and adapt so quickly! I am just going to go with the flow and see where it takes me. It has been fun so far and quite the blessing!