Thursday, March 13, 2014

Hibernating While Trying to Keep the Peace

Not much going on here on the home front. It has been super cold this winter and barely have been able to get outside to play. We have tons of snow and can't even enjoy it. So, we've been hibernating. This kids and I literally only leave the house twice a week; Friday nights we go to Bible study and then we have church on Sundays, that's it. We do our grocery shopping on Fridays before our small group meets to save a trip into town. We live only twenty minutes from town, but it is starting to feel longer and longer.

Since we can't go outside we try to stay busy inside, but I have to admit it hasn't been easy. We have been getting on each others nerves; the long winter is having its affect. Josie found her boots for next year in the closet and has been wearing them constantly in the house. This is how she plays these days. 

Wyatt lost yet another tooth! I noticed Saturday it was barely hanging in there, but he refused to let me wiggle or tug at it. He wanted it to come out all on its own. And it did! We had a dentist appointment yesterday and he got a good report. He enjoyed telling the hygienist all about losing it.

Wyatt got a hold of my camera and took a few "selfies." This is one of them. "Arrrrr you looking at my missing teeth?"

Wyatt and Josie don't typically play well together. Sharing is always an issue. But I have been able to catch a few moments when there was peace between them. 

The new "thing" has been playing in the beanbag. We have all their stuffed animals inside to help conserve space in our small house, and it seems to be a lot of fun to climb inside. Wyatt keeps asking Nick and I to get in with them... Not going to happen!  {Notice Josie's foot?}

Spring is only a couple weeks away, and we are waiting patiently, sort of, in anticipation. We want to get outside! We are almost there, we'll keep hanging in there.