Wednesday, February 29, 2012

26 Weeks!

Well, we are at 26 weeks now and doing great! The baby moves what seems to be nonstop anymore! Very active which is great! I have been tired a lot lately, but it is about that time when things slow down. I think I was about 7 months along when I finally cut back my hours a little at work when I was pregnant with Wyatt. I am not NEARLY as busy now staying home as I was then, but still. It's okay that I am tired, I have a baby growing inside me!

We had our doctors appointment down in Saginaw on Monday and we got good news! What was looking like an amniotic band or an amniotic sheet was just a couple raised edges of the placenta! He showed us on the ultrasound if you looked at it just right it could easily look like a band, but when you looked at all angles you could see it was one piece. God has been so good to us!

We were a half hour early to our appointment and ended up being there for two whole hours. Wyatt of course came along and did great! He was so well behaved all day! Which was great considering the 2 hour car drive both ways and a long wait at the Dr.'s.

We went to Target in Bay City afterwards to get our {or should I say MY} Target Fix! I wish there were a Target by us! Oh, how I miss having a Target close by! Wyatt got to spend some of his hard "earned" money and got a few new toys. He was a happy camper needless to say!

After Target we went to Bob Evans for dinner. We were hoping to find somewhere to eat that is not available where we are, but after driving for 20 minutes and not finding anything we settled with Bob. It was good though and nice to go out to eat as a family for a change! {We don't get out much!}

Overall the day couldn't have been better. It was really nice getting out of town for a day. Something we don't do much of anymore!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Rag Quilt for Baby

Today I finally got the material for the Rag Quilt I will be making for our new baby. I am very excited to start! This will be only my second sewing project since I made Wyatts Halloween Costume back in October! Yikes! I haven't been very ambitious lately... 

Since we are not finding out what we are having we have to go more gender neutral. Which is fine because I don't like anything too boy or too girl. It was hard to choose which pattern and color to go with as there were way too many choices! I was thinking more yellows and ended up with more of an assortment of oranges, greens and browns.

I think it was meant to be since the minky dot material that I got was all that was left! Just enough to do what I want! The size I am going for is 36x48 inches. I measured a quilt that Wyatt has that had a good size and just went with that.

Don't worry I even remembered to give myself enough material to do the hems with! I have to say figuring out how much material you need is no easy task. At least not for me! I am sure as I do more it will come more easily. Well, that is the hope anyways!

{Material I picked for my strips.}

{Minky Dot material I picked for the back.}

I am going to cut long strips about 3 inches wide, each going across the shortest side. A rag quilt is pretty straight forward so I figure it is something I can handle. We shall see. I will let you know if I succeeded or not! It should be worth it since the price tag on this is only $22! Not too shabby!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

24 Weeks!

Well,  I am 24 weeks along now and things are going well. We had our monthly appointment last week and overall it went well. The doctor had some concern over our ultrasound pictures which was something we were not prepared to hear.

He informed us that there was something that showed up on the pictures that appeared to look like an amniotic sheet or amniotic band. He wants us to go to Saginaw for a higher level ultrasound to determine what we are looking at. He told us that an amniotic band is rare and we are probably looking at a sheet, however, if it is a band it will be something that will need to be monitered closely as it could be serious.

I have to admit I spent the rest of the day really bummed. I wasn't really worried, but my cloud I was living on gave way to reality. Not every pregnancy is the same and not every pregnacy will be perfect. I have to say I was a little spoiled with our first as I had no problems in the slightest.

I am feeling much better about it now and know that it is in Gods hands and He will take good care of us. No matter what the outcome. I am looking forward to the ultrasound to find out for sure what it is, as well as get another sneak peak at our little one! {I could sit and watch our baby all day!}

Other than that, I am feeling good! Our baby is moving and kicking {my favorite part} and doing well! Heartbeat is good and I am measuring right on. I am LOVING it!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The "Long Distance" Hug

Looking for something fun to do with my son, I came across the inspiration I needed on Pinterest . {This seems to be a reoccurring theme with me!} I found the idea of the "Long Distance" Hug from and revamped it a little.

This caught my eye as a terrific way to send some love to his Nana Great who lives in Oklahoma. Many, many states away!

I used:    
  • Multipurpse paper
  • Scrapebooking paper
  • Finger paint
  • Balers twine
  • Glue {I used E-6000 because that is all I have, believe it or not.}
{the "Long Distance" Hug}

It was kind of funny when I put the paint on his hands. He gave me a look like he wasn't sure we should be doing this. {You know, paint stays on the paper!} He was game though and washed it off right a way.

After waiting for the hand prints to dry I cut them out and glued them onto scrapbook paper I had doubled over for durablity as well as keeping the back side from being stark white.

I added the baler twine by gluing the ends in between the papers instead of just taping them to the back side. Then voila! The perfect "Hug" to help close the gap between loved ones!  


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Because of a Drip

About a month ago we installed the water line for our icemaker to our freezer. We had a little problem with installation, but it was quickly resolved. We checked for any leaks and found none. So we went on business as usual.

The third week of January we went to my brothers for the week. Had a very laid back restful vacation. Our trip back was delayed a day due to weather, but we made it home early evening Friday night. We couldn't get into our driveway due to all the snow that accumulated while we were gone so my husband snow-blowed out a path for us to walk up until he could blow out the whole drive. Once inside, it became apparent almost immediately that we had a problem. {Water dripping from the rafters of the basement from below our kitchen cabinets.} Lovely!

We quickly realized that the water line we hooked up to the freezer was the culprit. Not sure for how long, but drip by drip it turned into a watery mess. So we fixed the leak, cleaned what water we found, thinking that we were okay.

A couple days later we realized we were in for a world of hurt. Our wood floor began to buckle from all the moisture. The floor actually started to affect our cabinets and counter by pushing them both up.

{Our wood floor buckled in front of our cabinet}

We laid this floor about a year and a half ago before we moved in. So, in essence this is a brand new floor. We chose hickory because of the look and durability. Although, unfortunately for us, wood flooring isn't waterproof!

So thus began the task of taking out the cabinets, counter top, removing the stove and refrigerator, and of course some of the floor. Also when we laid our flooring, we laid an underlayment similar to carpet pad to help isulate and muffle noice. Turns out that holds water very well, and when we tore out the flooring some of the underlayment was saturated still.

{Mold found on the bottom sides of the pieces that were affected}

We had to rip the flooring out all the way down the wall past our sliding glass door! We salvaged what we could by taking out nails and reusing as many pieces as we could.

{When I say "we" I mostly mean my husband with some help from my dad.}

Finally,after we relayed the floor, we were able to start putting everything back in.

{Notice a flat floor!}

What a day! Yes, we did this all in one day! My hardworking husband with some help from my dad, did a fantastic job! I think God was watching out for us, because the whole project went so smoothly! Now everything is back to normal and we are still double checking to make sure all is good underneath the counter. We do NOT want to go through this again!


Hard to believe a little drip caused all of this! Lesson for all DIY homeowners: Always check and recheck your work, no matter how small the project!