Wednesday, February 29, 2012

26 Weeks!

Well, we are at 26 weeks now and doing great! The baby moves what seems to be nonstop anymore! Very active which is great! I have been tired a lot lately, but it is about that time when things slow down. I think I was about 7 months along when I finally cut back my hours a little at work when I was pregnant with Wyatt. I am not NEARLY as busy now staying home as I was then, but still. It's okay that I am tired, I have a baby growing inside me!

We had our doctors appointment down in Saginaw on Monday and we got good news! What was looking like an amniotic band or an amniotic sheet was just a couple raised edges of the placenta! He showed us on the ultrasound if you looked at it just right it could easily look like a band, but when you looked at all angles you could see it was one piece. God has been so good to us!

We were a half hour early to our appointment and ended up being there for two whole hours. Wyatt of course came along and did great! He was so well behaved all day! Which was great considering the 2 hour car drive both ways and a long wait at the Dr.'s.

We went to Target in Bay City afterwards to get our {or should I say MY} Target Fix! I wish there were a Target by us! Oh, how I miss having a Target close by! Wyatt got to spend some of his hard "earned" money and got a few new toys. He was a happy camper needless to say!

After Target we went to Bob Evans for dinner. We were hoping to find somewhere to eat that is not available where we are, but after driving for 20 minutes and not finding anything we settled with Bob. It was good though and nice to go out to eat as a family for a change! {We don't get out much!}

Overall the day couldn't have been better. It was really nice getting out of town for a day. Something we don't do much of anymore!


  1. Next time you are in Saginaw you should try Tony's-- it's a little local Italian restaurant chain and they are locally famous for their steak sandwiches, mmmm!

    Also, I mean to suggest the blog "Sara's Art House" [] to you, in case you aren't already following. She is Christian and creative in a mighty way /and/ homeschooling her kids. It's pretty great!

    1. Thanks, Kristen! We ended up going to Bay City for our shopping and eating. I know my way around there better than Saginaw for some reason. Sounds good though!

      I will check out that blog for sure! Sounds great! Thanks for sharing it with me!