Wednesday, February 15, 2012

24 Weeks!

Well,  I am 24 weeks along now and things are going well. We had our monthly appointment last week and overall it went well. The doctor had some concern over our ultrasound pictures which was something we were not prepared to hear.

He informed us that there was something that showed up on the pictures that appeared to look like an amniotic sheet or amniotic band. He wants us to go to Saginaw for a higher level ultrasound to determine what we are looking at. He told us that an amniotic band is rare and we are probably looking at a sheet, however, if it is a band it will be something that will need to be monitered closely as it could be serious.

I have to admit I spent the rest of the day really bummed. I wasn't really worried, but my cloud I was living on gave way to reality. Not every pregnancy is the same and not every pregnacy will be perfect. I have to say I was a little spoiled with our first as I had no problems in the slightest.

I am feeling much better about it now and know that it is in Gods hands and He will take good care of us. No matter what the outcome. I am looking forward to the ultrasound to find out for sure what it is, as well as get another sneak peak at our little one! {I could sit and watch our baby all day!}

Other than that, I am feeling good! Our baby is moving and kicking {my favorite part} and doing well! Heartbeat is good and I am measuring right on. I am LOVING it!

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