Sunday, October 26, 2014

Pumpkin Time!

We carved one pumpkin this year to say we did it and painted the rest. It worked out good that way since Josie didn't want anything to do with the pumpkin guts, but she LOVED painting hers.


Annnnd... Just for fun...

Nick tried roasting the pumpkins seeds, but they got a little overdone. But that's okay, it was cool that he tried! This is probably the extent of our observance of Halloween, well, I plan on buying a bunch of clearance candy too. We're on the fence when it comes to doing Halloween. We can see the good and the bad, but we are good just doing our own thing.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

What a Beautiful October Day!

It is gorgeous out!! So why am I not out there right now? Well, I'm beat. We raked. I mulched. We stained. We walked. Now, it is break time. 

The kids had a lot of fun with the leaves. The picture I got of them together, was the only one without them fighting. Yeah, that's real life right?

Happy Fall Y'all!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

School House Rock

We are in our second week. I feel good about our layout. The new house has a perfect set up and it is working out great.

Now if we can only get our young student in the groove. Whew... This was a rough week. Today we may have had a break through. All week I have felt like a broken record: " The more you practice the easier it will be." Today I think it may have clicked! Yay!

Earlier today this is how we started. This is Wyatts cursive "A".

After a big battle and a talk...a long talk... He came back to the table with a whole new attitude. And this is what his "A" looked like then. 

So, tomorrow we will review his writing then Monday, back to business. Hopefully the ground we broke will stick.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Blast from the Past

I came across one of those weird, "I'm not sure why I'm saving these." type things today. Wonder what it was? Oh, you know, just my baby teeth I have lost over the years. Yep. I have them all. My mom saved them. Some of them are kind of endearing, with what I wrote on the outside of the envelopes. I figured I would archive these on here, that way I won't feel so guilty when I throw them away. I mean really, what will I ever do with them?

My first tooth was lost in 1988. Awwwweeee... I know I was asking for lots of money for these teeth of mine, but I think I got a dollar for every tooth.

Funny thing is my mom saved all our teeth. Wyatt has lost two, and I lost them both! Oh well, we don't do the tooth fairy anyway.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

First Day of 1st Grade

We started school finally on Monday. I was hoping to stay as close to the local schools schedule as possible. I have this goal this year to not take advantage of our flexibility with homeschooling like I did last year. We went into July until I finally said enough. We only had a couple weeks left to do anyway.

This year will be easier with Nicks new job. He works M-F 7-4. None of that open/close business anymore! And with him not having his days off during the school week we will have less distractions. When daddy is home, kids want to play.

So far we are doing a lot of review. Which is good, because I can tell we are a little rusty in some areas. One thing I am not sure about is everything is done in cursive this year. I didn't know it was going to be that way when I bought his curriculum, but he actually is doing well with it.

Today he is full of funnies. I guess it started off that way when he got dressed: Blue plaid shorts, long-john shirt, green TMNT hoodie, and of course a blue striped tie. During school today he says to me, "Did you know 5's are girls. So are 6's. They look like they are having babies."

Then he asks me later, "Can we go running today?" Like we run? "Because I'm an experienced runner." Ohhhh. Got it!

I'm hoping this year we will keep a good momentum and routine. I'm hoping!

                                                     Favorite Things:
  • Science
  • Red and Black
  • Spaghetti
  • Soccer and Baseball
  • Monkies
Wyatt wants to be a scientist!