Monday, April 28, 2014

Josie's Going to Be A BIG Sister!

Big news in our house again! We are expecting our third Little! It is a  long time coming! This has been the longest we had to wait to get a positive result! After trying since September we decided it would be in Gods perfect timing and will if we were to have another. Finally we got our answer! We will be expecting arrival around Christmas time. {Like I said, Gods perfect timing, not ours}

Wyatt was funny when we told him. We asked him how he became a Big Brother. He said it was when Josie came along. So we asked him then how would Josie become a Big Sister and he answered, "When she gets bigger."

We were going to wait to share our news until Josie's birthday party, but keeping something like that for a whole month is torture!!! I couldn't do it. In fact I told Josie on Saturday. Of course that was a safe bet. So yesterday we took this picture and after we got to my mom and dads after church I covertly put it on the desk top of their computer and waited for them to find it.

Wyatt was sworn under secrecy. And believe it or not he did a fantastic job not telling anyone during SS and church. Although I wasn't clear enough and he told my mom that he "had something to tell her, but my mom said I had to wait until later..."

Nick on the other hand had a hard time keeping it secret until the family knew! But our surprise remained in tact despite it all.

Wyatt has been fun. He is so excited. This morning when he woke up he asked, "How is the baby this morning?" He can't keep from touching my belly, talking to the baby, and has been asking ALL sorts of questions. This time around should be very interesting!

After telling him yesterday he says, " Mom, I thought you were getting fat, but I thought it was either because you were eating too much food, or you had a baby in your belly. And you have a baby in your belly! I was right!"

I am only about a month along and will be waiting to go to the doctor for a bit. I have always had great healthy pregnancy so I don't need to go to be told what I already know. I hate going to the doctors... Anyways, hoping and praying we will have another smooth pregnancy and all goes well!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Rare Moments of Closeness

Sharing is caring! I caught both of them sharing yesterday. Twice. They shared a chair and a blanket! Yes, they were watching TV both times, but that is irrelevant. 

I brought up a rocking chair from downstairs. After cleaning it up and painting the cushion it was instantly a novelty. A few times I found myself in it as well, but with both kids on my lap rocking! It seems to be harder to hold both at one time! They do love rocking.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Six Years Old!

Saturday we celebrated Wyatt's sixth birthday although it was really Sunday. During last years birthday planning Wyatt decided he wanted a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle birthday party and I was doing the wait and see routine since it was a whole year away. A lot can change in a year. But not that.

We had it at the clubhouse again since we don't have a lot of space. We had about 9 kids and two little ones, plus moms and dads, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. Wyatt had been literally counting down the days for months.

Since we were doing a TMNT party we had to have pizza. So we had made up some homemade, and some Hot and Ready's due to my failure to figure out how much dough was needed. I hadn't thawed enough, so I had Nick run into town a 45 minute round trip for three Hot and Ready's to supplement. Turned out we only really needed one more, but that's the way the cookie crumbles. A huge thank you to my mom who made the pizza's for me as I erred on prep time as well.

I had planned on going to the Mom 2 Mom Sale that morning and I am so glad I sacrificed some good deals, otherwise I would have been in big trouble time wise! I got up at 7 AM sharp and started my morning making cupcakes and taking the dough out of the freezer. It was go, go, go the rest of the day.

I got down to the clubhouse to decorate just after 10 AM with the party starting at noon. Yikes! After unloading the van I got busy. I was so relieved at 20 minutes to 11 AM my mom, dad, and adopted sister walked through the doors! What a glorious sight!

Dad and Josephine worked on blowing up balloons for me which we scattered through out the dining room. Dad ran up to the house to bring the ball bat that I had forgot for the pinata. My brother and dad helped tie up and hang the pinata's. THANK YOU!!!

It wasn't long and the party was underway! We started off with eating lunch, then I had the kids make slime. Super easy, and a ton of fun! The kids decorated containers I found at Dollar Tree with TMNT stickers then mixed up equal parts liquid starch and Elmers glue. A big thank you to Rebekah and Teresa for helping with that as well!

After making slime we did the pinata's. Nick and I made four, one of each of the Turtles. We hung them up and put a little candy in each, but most of it in one random one. I have to say the kids loved it. It was so much fun watching them.

After the pinata's were broke and candy gotten we did cake and ice cream followed by gifts. Oh, did I mention Michelangelo is his favorite? It was a whirlwind of a party, and although it was a lot of work it was so much fun! I can't believe my baby is six! Neither can Wyatt. A few days later he said, "I still feel five..." After all the hype counting down the days for this momentous occasion, I think he was expecting to feel different too.

Happy Birthday Wyatt!! Mama, Daddy, and Josie love you SO much!!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Broken Bone...

Saturday before last Josie fell, partway down the stairs. I was upstairs and Nick was downstairs and had just told her to go back up stairs. She started up, but then something went wrong and she fell. When she landed and I rounded the corner at the top of the landing she was on her belly facing up at me. I thought for sure she had split her lip or something. I checked her chin and mouth and there was no bleeding so we were relieved.

After consoling her for a time she calmed down and everything seemed fine. The next morning she wasn't feeling well at all. She had been fighting a bad cold for several days already and we thought she was just getting worse. She was very lethargic, and didn't want to play. She wanted to snuggle, which is out of the ordinary for her, but we figured she was just sick. Nick stayed home with her while I went to a baby shower. Towards the end of the evening she was still tired and snuggly. We put her to bed like normal.

The next morning she was doing a little better. She was playing some, but her nose was still runny. All the rest of the week she had a runny snotty nose. Since she wasn't feeling well there was a couple days she didn't even get out of her jammies and we just let her lounge and rest. "

Friday morning I lay her on her floor to change her and I spotted a bruise and large bump on top of her shoulder. It didn't look very good and concerned me so I called Nick at work and told him we should get it looked at. So, that afternoon, Nick came home early and we took her into the walk in clinic since our pediatrician was gone for the day. The doctor at the clinic took one look and said, "It's her collar bone."

So, Nick went back with her to get x-rays. She didn't like that much. No surprise really. She doesn't hold still for very long. When they came back, Nick said she had a broken collar bone. All the lab techs and the doctor all said, "Wow, that's a bad break!" And by being broke and half and overlapping, I'd say they were right. Poor girl!

I had so much guilt over it because it took a whole week to notice something was wrong. But looking back I don't know how we'd have known any earlier. She already wasn't feeling good, she'd had baths, she'd been changed, although she is usually standing when I get her dressed. Her hair must have covered it at times. I don't know, but I wish I did.

We went to see an Orthopedic doctor today and she didn't seem to concerned about it. There isn't much you can do for a broken collar bone apart from wearing a brace, but since she was using her arm still and pulling herself up with it, she felt it wasn't needed.

We go back in three weeks to see how well it is healing, but she is doing great. We just have to be careful that she doesn't fall on it again or bump it hard so it doesn't undo what has already healed.

Honestly, I'm not all that surprised that she broke a bone. Although, I don't think she was trying to be a dare devil at the time she was just tired and sick, it was only a matter of time. With all the climbing she does, I'm more surprised it hasn't happened sooner. I guess we will have our work cut out for us as she gets older!