Monday, April 28, 2014

Josie's Going to Be A BIG Sister!

Big news in our house again! We are expecting our third Little! It is a  long time coming! This has been the longest we had to wait to get a positive result! After trying since September we decided it would be in Gods perfect timing and will if we were to have another. Finally we got our answer! We will be expecting arrival around Christmas time. {Like I said, Gods perfect timing, not ours}

Wyatt was funny when we told him. We asked him how he became a Big Brother. He said it was when Josie came along. So we asked him then how would Josie become a Big Sister and he answered, "When she gets bigger."

We were going to wait to share our news until Josie's birthday party, but keeping something like that for a whole month is torture!!! I couldn't do it. In fact I told Josie on Saturday. Of course that was a safe bet. So yesterday we took this picture and after we got to my mom and dads after church I covertly put it on the desk top of their computer and waited for them to find it.

Wyatt was sworn under secrecy. And believe it or not he did a fantastic job not telling anyone during SS and church. Although I wasn't clear enough and he told my mom that he "had something to tell her, but my mom said I had to wait until later..."

Nick on the other hand had a hard time keeping it secret until the family knew! But our surprise remained in tact despite it all.

Wyatt has been fun. He is so excited. This morning when he woke up he asked, "How is the baby this morning?" He can't keep from touching my belly, talking to the baby, and has been asking ALL sorts of questions. This time around should be very interesting!

After telling him yesterday he says, " Mom, I thought you were getting fat, but I thought it was either because you were eating too much food, or you had a baby in your belly. And you have a baby in your belly! I was right!"

I am only about a month along and will be waiting to go to the doctor for a bit. I have always had great healthy pregnancy so I don't need to go to be told what I already know. I hate going to the doctors... Anyways, hoping and praying we will have another smooth pregnancy and all goes well!

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