Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Mothers Day

This Mothers Day weekend was a little crazy. Well, actually the four days leading up to it were too! I find I am very good at finding things to do! While it is challenging at times, it hasn't been overwhelming, but in fact very fun!

Wednesday night started everything out with VBS meeting. My dad was concerned about us {me and the kids} driving home through all the deer so we stayed the night at my parents. Thursday morning we had someone coming to look at our house at 10 AM so we couldn't go home right away. I had to make a  card for our church's Mothers Day outreach, which I did after we got home. Friday I made a flannel receiving blanket for our cousins new baby. Saturday, after dropping the kids off at my folks for them to spend the day and night, I spent three hours handing out carnations to moms at the Fairview Food Market. {That was a blast!} Right after, I had to book it to Alba for the baby shower. Sunday I went back to Comins, picked up the kids for church and spent the rest of the day at my parents to celebrate Mothers Day. Whew!

Albeit craziness, it was fun!

When I picked up the kids for church Wyatt gave me a card he made for me for Mothers Day. It was so nice and sweet!

Josie loved sitting on Nana's bike! Wyatt will run away when it gets started, Josie runs towards it. Funny. She didn't want to get off!

Uncle, decided it was time to loose the training wheels. I wasn't sure about it since he didn't have much riding practice with them either! We live on a hill in the woods. There isn't a lot of places to ride. But Uncle, worked with him for a bit.

Then I worked with him for a bit, and he got it!!!

It was a wonderful Mothers Day!

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