Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hey, Little Fishies!

About a month or so ago we found a new home for our dog, Crash. We are not so much pet people we found out. One day we had an off the cuff conversation about it at dinner where I asked Wyatt, "If we found a new home for Crash would you want to try fish?" Well, yes, of course! And here we are.

We let him get a gallon bowl, the starter kit, and three fish. A white one- Bubbles, a black and orange one- Hulk Thor, and an orange one- Crash, of course named in remembrance of the dog. We got them Friday. Monday, we lost Bubbles. Wyatt was bummed, but handled it well. We buried him in my flower bed.

So, now we are down to two, which is better anyways. It was too crowded before.

UPDATE: The fish have all since died. The last one went after Josie dumped all the food and can into the bowl.

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