Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Art of Messy

The ArtisTree has been transformed, uprooted, and moved to The Art of Messy. New start. New beginnings. See you there!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Saturday Fun

What can occupy children for hours? Dry erase markers on the windows! In a lion suit.That definitely helps. 

And they got along. :)

Progress in VT

We are only a couple of months into Vision Therapy with Wyatt and I think it is safe to say we have progressed. We still have a couple of exercises that have proved challenging for him, but for the most part we have moved on to new exercises leaving the old ones behind. One of the biggest accomplishments was a recent one. JUMPING JACKS!

They seemed impossible for him. He would jump and flail his arms at different speeds, completely inconsistent. It took about a month, but this week he conquered it!

What seems so easy to do, is difficult for him. Processing space and objects around him has been a hurdle that we didn't see coming. But he can do jumping jacks now! We have also reintroduced reading and writing into our school time! And he actually volunteers to read to us! I am so proud of him!