Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Rag Quilt for Baby

Today I finally got the material for the Rag Quilt I will be making for our new baby. I am very excited to start! This will be only my second sewing project since I made Wyatts Halloween Costume back in October! Yikes! I haven't been very ambitious lately... 

Since we are not finding out what we are having we have to go more gender neutral. Which is fine because I don't like anything too boy or too girl. It was hard to choose which pattern and color to go with as there were way too many choices! I was thinking more yellows and ended up with more of an assortment of oranges, greens and browns.

I think it was meant to be since the minky dot material that I got was all that was left! Just enough to do what I want! The size I am going for is 36x48 inches. I measured a quilt that Wyatt has that had a good size and just went with that.

Don't worry I even remembered to give myself enough material to do the hems with! I have to say figuring out how much material you need is no easy task. At least not for me! I am sure as I do more it will come more easily. Well, that is the hope anyways!

{Material I picked for my strips.}

{Minky Dot material I picked for the back.}

I am going to cut long strips about 3 inches wide, each going across the shortest side. A rag quilt is pretty straight forward so I figure it is something I can handle. We shall see. I will let you know if I succeeded or not! It should be worth it since the price tag on this is only $22! Not too shabby!

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