Saturday, March 3, 2012

Rag Quilt: Made With Love!

Well, I finished my Rag Quilt for the baby! Whew! Good experience for sure! I love the way it turned out, although it is far from perfect. I have to say, I did wake up this morning a little stiff from working on this all afternoon yesterday. Who would have thought sewing could be so intense!

The top went together very easily. I cut the strips of material to 4 inch widths and then sewed them together.

{Strips laid out}

{First sewn strip!}

I did it in three sections then sewed the sections together. I went really fast. It went so good I got a little over confident and proceeded to cut out the minky backing. As I was cutting I told myself I should measure it again just to be sure, but quickly dismissed myself. Boy, I sure wish I would have listened! I cut the wrong way on the material and cut myself short!

But it worked out okay. I just had to take away two strips, one on each end and it made the material match in size with out having to get into a lot of math trying to make it work otherwise. It is still a good size despite my error.

{Wyatt had to test it out!}

The hard part was the minky material. Wow! That does NOT like to stay in place! I pinned and pinned and it still moved on me. I did have to "touch up" some spots that came undone, but since it's a Rag Quilt, it doesn't take away from the look.


{Finished with pillow}

I still had enough extra material to make a little pillow that matches. With the pillow I tried a different technique when using the minky material. Instead of putting the seam on the inside I just sewed the two pieces together on the outside. It worked MUCH better! I think my first Rag Quilt turned out pretty good for my first one and I will definitely being doing another soon!

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