Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My Little Smarty Pants!

There are times when a parent is allowed bragging rights. Not because we have anything to do with it, but because our kids are deserving of the recognition! My son blew my socks off the other day while playing with his Magnadoodle. Almost everyday he says or does something that leave us in complete awe. That day was one of those days.

{Working on his "X"}

I was doing dishes when he says, "Mom! Look at my "W"!" So turning around I am amazed that he did indeed write a "W"! Wow! So of course I said, "That is awesome! What else can your write?" So he erases his "W" and writes again. This time he turned it around and showed me a "Q"! He then went back to writing and turned it around to show me a backwards letter "B"!

Okay, so I had to see how far this went. So today, I asked him again to write all the letters he knew. This is what he did:

{W, T, Q, X, E, C}

I was already impressed that a few months ago he was already recognizing his letters. {Sometimes he would forget some, but after a quick refresher he would remember.} Now he is starting to write! It is so neat to watch! I have to give a lot of credit to PBS. He will sit and watch Super Why! and continually repeat the letters he sees. Another favorite program is Meet the Letters. Learning by repetition does work really well. Needless to say, I am one proud mama and I just had to share!

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