Thursday, March 8, 2012

Getting Ready for Baby!

Wyatt and I went to town this morning having several things to do. One stop on the list was the Freckled Frog Boutique, which is only our most favorite consignment shop in the whole world! There was a cradle there I have been wanting for a long time, and hoped it would still be there.

When we had Wyatt we used a bassinet that was passed down through the family for years and was getting pretty shabby. It has gone through a few more babies since and didn't think it was still in commission so we figured we should probably find something else. After seeing this cradle I knew it would be perfect because, A: It was made of wood and very durable, and B: The baby would be able be in it longer since it has more room than a bassinet.

While we were there I saw a basket bassinet that just called my name! Sooooooo...I bought that too! It will be perfect for traveling and not nearly as cumbersome as a pack and play. Not to mention it is SUPER cute!

I got everything for 25% off! What a deal!

I have to say, it helps make things a little more real for Wyatt seeing things that are for his little brother or sister. He was telling the owner of the shop that he "...was going to be a big brother and that his mama has a baby in her belly!" 

He helped Nick put it together once we got home and started to sing Rock-a-Bye Baby. He is so excited! Actually, I don't know who is more excited, us or him!

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