Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Stuart Little: Our First "Big" Read

My grandma always told us to make sure we read to our kids everyday. We had always planned to since we are big readers ourselves and recognize the importance of reading to our children, but my grandma still voiced her concern anytime we spoke.

We read all the time. We have many books of our own, yet we still go to the library every chance we have to check out more. All of our reading paid off because our son now has a love for books. He always enjoyed listening to stories, in fact there would be days where he would bring out stacks of books at a time for me to read.

Well, a couple weeks ago we tried something. We started reading Stuart Little. I didn't think we would get too far since our son is only a few weeks shy of turning 4. Well, he surprised me! Late last week we finished it! He sat and listened through the whole book! Boy, was I thrilled! I have been anxiously waiting for a moment like this: To be able to read the books I remember being read to as a kid is so exciting!

Needless to say we have now moved on to Charlotte's Web. We are on Chapter 5 and going strong! Yes, he does have some fidgety moments, but he is listening. He has already chosen Beverly Cleary's The Mouse and the Motorcycle for our next read.

I am sure my grandma is as thrilled as we are that he enjoys reading as much as us. And I hope his love for books continues for the rest of his life.


  1. That's great! I LOVE the mouse and the motorcycle! Forgot all about that book!

    1. I really never expected him to really listen. He just kept letting me read a chapter before nap and before bed. Sometimes we'll read a picture book too, so he gets both. I am really looking forward to the Mouse and the Motorcycle too! : )