Saturday, April 14, 2012

Wyatt Turns 4!

Well, I can't believe it, but our little man has turned four today! He has been such a blessing to us! He is the most lovable, caring, sweet, and smart little guy! He says the funniest things and yet he is always serious. He is a social butterfly {he did not get that from me} who can strike up a conversation with the greatest of ease. He is a talker, always has something to say. He is so content and happy with everything he has it makes my heart smile.

Today was a great day! We had a doctors appointment earlier in the morning and then came home to get things ready for birthday festivities. As I was busy getting things made up and ready for tomorrow Wyatt and Daddy played some Mario Kart. As you can see, this eats up ALL of Wyatts attention!

{We don't do this often!}

My mom, dad, and my brother came over mid-afternoon to kick everything off. We started with the "Surprise!" {Which happens to have a great story to go along with it!}

{The Surprise}

Long story short: We bought this a couple weeks ago, my parents went in halfsies with us. The guys picked it up yesterday late morning. They brought it here and set it up. After I got home from "distracting" Wyatt and took a peak, I felt that something wasn't quite "right". Not thinking much more about it we ended up going to my parents house for a relaxing fun filled evening. After comparing notes and small details, however, we realized the guys picked up the wrong swing set. Turns out they picked up the neighbors who weren't home at the time.

SO, they had to go back to our house, take it apart, take it back to the rightful owners, then go next door to get the "right" one, take that apart, and then brought it to our house where they finished assembling approximately 9pm last night!

As bad as I felt for them to have to do all of that work, I have to admit it was hilarious! Nick still has yet to see the humor, but really, what are the odds of that happening!?

Anyways, Wyatt had no clue what we were up to despite numerous slips of the tongue. We were referring to the swing set as the "thing" until last night where we said pretty much every word you can think of involving a  swing set! As observant to details as he is he never put two and two together! Whew!

He had the best look of surprise on his face! Priceless! He was in the clouds I think!

{The unveiling!}

{Checking out the inside}


{The happiest boy in the world!}

{King of the Castle}


We then had dinner. Wyatt wanted spaghetti so luckily for me we still had leftovers in the fridge. The rest of us had steaks on the grill. During dinner Wyatt goes, out of the blue, "This is the best birthday ever!" What a great kid!


  1. Looks like a very happy boy! What a hilarious story! I'm still laughing! Has Nick seen the humor yet!

    1. It was classic! As far as Nick; he's getting there! : )