Thursday, April 26, 2012

My New Compost Bin

Today was a busy day and I am finally taking a break. I have been going nonstop since 6:30AM this morning! It all started with breakfast and a little coffee, then between making a egg dish for this mornings MOPs meeting I showered and dressed. I had to stop at Office Max on the way to our meeting, then after had to go to Walmart {Wyatt had birthday money burning  a hole in his pocket} and the Library. After getting home I cleaned up my mess in the kitchen  that I created earlier, made Wyatt lunch, and packaged the hamburger I got on sale and clearance at Glens yesterday. Finally after all that I was able to get to the tasks I wanted to.

One was my new indoor composting bin. I was using a old plastic storage container on the counter and found it too small and ugly to look at. So for about $10 I bought a small gallon and a half stainless steel step bin to use instead. I have to say I already LOVE it! It looks way better and will be a lot easier to dispose of out side when the time comes.

{Counter Top Compost Bin}

It sits nicely on top of the counter and hides the unsightly scraps. The only problem I for see is the lid will not stay up on its own after it is lifted. Which would be handy for throwing large amounts of compost material inside. 

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