Friday, September 27, 2013

Fireplace Bookcase Insert

We listed our house a couple weeks ago. After the first week we had an offer, we countered, they walked. Then the next we we had another offer, after accepting it, the buyers changed their minds. Things have since slowed down, but we remain hopeful. Gods timing is always right, so we wait patiently.

Since we may be here through the winter, and will be heating with electric baseboards,we thought we should figure out ways to cope with heat loss to help save some money on the cost of heat. The fireplace, though it works, we have never used it and is probably the source of a lot of our loss of heat through out the cold months.

What to do? How about build a bookcase and insert it into the hole of the fireplace! My handy hubby also attached insulation to the backside with furring strips. He added trim and...ta daaa! We have a creative solution for storage and heat loss! I find it kind of ironic too having a bookcase inside a fireplace. But, it works nonetheless.

I hope it makes a difference this winter. If not, it did free up some space in the other bookcase for Wyatt's home-school material. So either way, I am one happy mama!

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