Monday, February 10, 2014

A Big First!

On our way to celebrate our nephews birthday we stopped off an hour into our trip for a quick bite to eat. We hadn't ate for long when Wyatt said his tooth was loose. When he showed us, we were stunned on how loose it actually was. He had said he didn't notice it was loose before and he hadn't bit anything wrong. He had a brief moment of excitement which quickly dissipated. Panic flashed over his face and as quickly as that came, fear washed over him. He started crying big tears as he tried to leave the restaurant, "I am leaving! I have to go!"

Of course we weren't near finished, but Nick left and went to the car with him to help him calm down. I stayed with Josie and just before we finished Daddy and Wyatt came back in with big smiles! While in the car Wyatt bawled and while his mouth was open from crying Nick was able to wiggle the tooth and ended up being able to pull it out easily. The crying stopped and all was well once again. {Apparently, I am told, that my first tooth loss experience was rather similar...}

Despite the drama surrounding this momentous occasion, we were so excited for Wyatt reaching yet another milestone in his growing-up. {And so were the older couple sitting at the table next to us at Wendy's!}

I will probably save this tooth since it is his first, but I'm not sure if we'll save them all. My mom saved all of mine and gave them to me later, but really, what am I supposed to do with them? 

We don't do the tooth-fairy, so we let him pick out a toy from the dollar store to mark the special occasion. He picked a Tonka die cast tanker truck to add to his Hot Wheel collection.

I have to say his loosing his tooth has done wonders for his attitude too. Since he is "growing up" we have taken the opportunity to make this a huge deal. "Growing up" means acting like a big boy should act. His behavior has seen a noticeable change for the better!

I still can't believe we are at the tooth losing stage already! Buckle up! Here we go! 

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