Saturday, November 1, 2014

Family Fun Night!

Had a lot of fun last night! My mom and dad came over for dinner, we frosted sugar cookies, did face painting, gorged on candy, and played Aggravation. No, we didn't dress up, or go trick or treating. We are not sure where we stand  on Halloween at this time.We see both sides. So until we know for sure, we will remain flexible.

I splurged and got a 200+ piece bag of candy {we NEVER have candy}, my mom made a pumpkin desert and cookies for us to frost. So we had our sweet tooth satisfied for sure!

The kids had a great time. It was Wyatt's first time playing Aggravation, and he won! He wanted a shark painted on his face, and a piranha, and then he wanted an anchor on his hand, then a ship. I of course had to add the mom in heart "tattoo". I did the best I could!

I used milk, cornstarch, and food coloring for the paint. Josie's was a little runny.

At any rate, we all had a wonderful night. It was full of fun!

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