Wednesday, May 9, 2012

36 Weeks and Wyatt's 4 Year Check Up!

We are finally on the home stretch! We are now doing our weekly visits, which have been in and out. It takes longer to drive there than it takes to have our appointment. Things are good though. On Sunday I had to take my wedding bands off and start wearing them on a necklace. I am not really swollen, but just enough that the bands are too tight. The last couple weeks I have had a LOT of pain in my lower long ligaments. Hurts to walk, stand up, and roll over. The last two days though, it has been better. I have been very tired lately. Naps don't do too much, but I will take them when I can.

{36 Weeks}

{Also, please ignore the casual attire, I am allowed at 36 weeks to wear stretchy pants whenever I want.}

So far total weight gain is 32lbs. Not too bad. The doctor is saying we will have a smaller baby. I hope he is right! Wyatt wasn't big, he was about average, but smaller would be nice!

Wyatt has been sweet on the baby. He has been giving my belly hugs and kisses. We have been talking to him a lot about whats to come, and trying to reel in his temper before the new arrival as well. He has gotten into this phase of throwing things when he is mad or upset, and we can't be having that around the baby.

I dug out a lot of Wyatt's baby stuff, and sorted through it gathering all the universal things I could find. It didn't add up to much and I think we will need to get a few things just to be safe. I got the infant carrier cover all washed up and just need to find a day that isn't raining to clean out the car so we can hook it up. I still need to pack my bag for the hospital. That shouldn't take too long. We had Wyatt at 38 weeks so, I am hoping it will only be a couple more weeks and we will be a family of four!



{Listening for baby}

{Big Brother}

We had Wyatt's 4 year check up today. He has been anticipating this visit for a couple weeks now. He has been so excited to have his OWN Dr.'s visit! On the way to the pediatricians he asked if he was going to get that sticky stuff put on his belly and if he would have to pee in a cup. We laughed and decided he has been going to too many prenatal visits lately.

He stood on the scale for the first time {he always refused before} and weighed in at 34 lbs. He is now 40 inches tall! He had his hearing checked and all was good and also had his vision checked and has 20/20 for now.

He got three shots and didn't even cry! {No more shots until he is 11!} What a trooper. We had to go across the hall to the lab where he had to get his blood drawn, which was his first time. They were testing his hemoglobin to see if he is anemic. We are pretty sure though that he is not and just has his mama's pale white skin! He did cry, but he did great! He left the pediatricians with a sticker, a book, a stuffed puppy, and a sucker! I think he made out pretty good!

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