Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Encouragement for "One of Those Days"

Today was just an ordinary day. I was more tired than usual, but still managed to get some laundry done including changing our bedding. Wyatt actually took a nap. I even had a brief moment that I am pretty sure I fell asleep. Those are certainly rare, but appreciated. I was able to get our dinner started, finished, and ate without a hitch, a feat not usually accomplished without interruption.

Things were going smooth enough that I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to pump some breast milk for Friday. {I am helping with the Relief Sale in Fairview for a couple hours and my dad will be watching the kids.}Well, it was a good thought and I did mangage.

As soon as I was all hooked up Wyatt comes over.

"What's that???"

"A pump."

"What's it do???" {I should have known there would be questions}

"It pumps milk for Josie."

"Does it come from in here???" {Pointing at the pump}

"No." {I quickly redirected and he was back into his Thomas movie.}


So, while this is going on Josie is getting fussy. It figures since I am pumping she would get hungry. So, I bounce her in her bouncer with my foot to distract her and hope that there is an off chance she will fall asleep.


Wyatt comes over with the remote for the DVD player waving it in Josies face so I confiscated it. Great, now I have to control the TV too.

After sitting for a minute watching Thomas again, Wyatt decides he has to go #2. Of course, I am still pumping and now he will need some "assistance" in a few minutes.

Yep. "Mommy, I'm all donnnne!"

And that is the end of pumping.

{Sigh} The joys of motherhood!

Earlier today I heard Steven Curtis Chapmans song Do Everything on the radio. I love that song, it is so encouraging. It's a good reminder that no matter how repetitive and chaotic my day is in all things give God the glory. Praise, honor and thank Him in all things, in all circumstances, whether great or small, and even when the things we do are monotonous, chaotic, or seem insignificant. God sees it all and it puts a smile on his face!

So with that,

"Thank you Lord for giving me the strength, patience, and encouragment when I need it. Help me remember that everything I do, I do for You. In Jesus' name, Amen."

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