Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Josie is 3 Months Old!

This was another fast month! Josie is doing wonderfully. She has started to laugh and smile more. As of last Sunday she discovered her voice! It was funny to watch her because you could tell by her facial expression that it surprised her. She is starting to see and follow you as you walk by her. Much more aware of her surroundings.

{3 Months Old!}

She is back to sleeping practically the whole night. She usually goes to bed between 9-10pm and will sleep until 4-5am and then will go back down again. I know what a blessing that is and am so very thankful for sleep! Wyatt was the total opposite and got up every 2-3 hours every night for MONTHS!

The one thing that I worried about before we had Josie was if we had a girl getting clothes for her. Yes, it would be fun to shop, but that is also a huge expense. Silly me to worry! She has more than enough clothes to last her until she is probably a year old and we only had to buy a few ourselves!

Diapers: same story. We have bought only two packs of newborn diapers and that is it! We still have two and a half boxes that haven't been used yet! That has been a huge help since we were planning on using cloth diapers, but she hasn't been able to fit them until now! It has been amazing how God has provided everything we have needed through wonderful friends, family, and Church family!

Today we put her in cloth diapers for the first time! I still have to get the folding and pinning technique down though. I am so scared I am going to pick her! I know it is just a matter of confidence and I will get there.

{Thank goodness for the cover! You can't see
my terrible fastening job!!}

Josie's hair is getting SO long! It is in her eyes and past her shoulders already! It is just a  matter of time and we will be able to pull it back into a pony tail! Looking at Wyatt's photo albums she has much more hair than he did and he had a lot!

{It's a little frizzy after laying on it after her bath...}

{She is wearing the overalls that I had
when I was a baby!}

She is our real life baby doll! She loves to be changed: diaper and clothes. She smiles the whole time. She likes her baths too. She is so good tempered and easy going. It is so hard to believe it has been three whole months already!

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