Monday, September 17, 2012

A MARBLEous Reward

We are trying something new in the Sposato household. A marbleous reward system. Positive reinforcement works great as long as it is consistent. I have found myself lacking in that department with the old system. For one of our discipline tactics we will take a toy away if {W} refuses to do something we ask. {Mostly for not picking up after himself.} Well, that is fine and dandy, but the problem I was having was remembering to give them back when he did something great.

So, to help both myself and {W} with this we decided to go to the Marble Reward System. For every good deed done, he gets a marble in a jar. When the jar is full, he gets a special treat. We can go for ice cream, go the the Wild {the Call of the Wild}, putt-putt golfing, and other similar outings. He can watch the marbles pile up and see how close he is to earning something special. {Not to mention they are pretty to look at!}

{DISCLAIMER: He doesn't actually have a full jar yet. This was filled for effect.}

Believe it or not, it is actually working! After trying to explain to him the process of what was to be expected,  how to earn a marble, and what would happen once the jar was full I was completely convinced it was all in vain. It was like throwing a rubber ball at a wall and expecting it to stick.

Five minutes later just before we were going to have lunch, {W} bounced into his chair and announced that all his toys were picked up and he was ready for lunch. What!? Did that just happen??? Then I realized that he was already working on his first marble. Well, I can get used to this!

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