Thursday, September 20, 2012

Filling a Void

I have been looking for something to fill a void in my family gallery wall. I didn't really have another picture to put up so I was thinking something more artistic. I decided to do a small canvas with our name on it. I had some cream and gold spray paint already so, I started taping off the canvas. {It is kind of ironic that most of the overall tone of the wall is gold, I never liked gold.}

I have to say doing things like this with kids around is a bit tricky. Note my 'S'. I am not very happy with it, but that is what happens when your four year old son decides to touch it while it is drying. He said he thought it was chocolate. Right. Ah, well. It adds character.

I think overall it turned out great. It adds another element to the wall. It ties in perfect with everything else and was simple and easy to make.

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