Friday, March 15, 2013

Busy Josie

The last couple months has Josie growing leaps and bounds! She is now crawling and pulling herself up onto things. Since her new "developments" I have discovered how different siblings can be and have realized how busy I am going to be.

She is not content for long before she is exploring and getting into anything she can get her hands on. I remember Wyatt at this age being happy sitting in the living room with a basket of toys for the longest time. He never got into ANYTHING! He stayed right where his toys were. Not Josie. She is down the hall. In the bathroom. The kids' bedroom. Plants. Papers. Oh, and in drawers.

When she isn't in drawers, Josie is learning the art of cause and effect.

She doesn't let me get a lot done around the house and I am learning to let go a little. If I didn't I would be frustrated and that isn't how I want to be. She is very attached to me when I am around, but so far has no problems separating if I have to leave. She will literally follow me everywhere I go. When I am doing the dishes, she is glued to my leg.

We took her to her 9 month check up and she is now 16 lbs 3 oz 24 inches long. She had no shots and is doing great. She has definitely leveled out her growing as she is much more active. 

I can't believe we are almost a couple months away from her turning a year old! It doesn't seem possible. I can tell right now she is going to be trouble, no doubt about that, but hopefully I can stay at least one step ahead of her! 

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