Monday, April 15, 2013

Wyatt Turns Five!

We had an awesome weekend, Saturday, Wyatt turned five! His choice of party: Super Hero. Before I get into the party I just want to say what a gift our sweet Wyatt has been. The last five years has been such a blessing. Wyatt has grown from our little baby boy to a smart little boy. Always having something to say and anything but shy, he keeps us on our toes. I can't believe how he has grown. He weighs about 40 lbs now, I can hardly lift him anymore, and getting so tall!

We got his party planning underway fairly easy. Sent out the coolest invitations ever:

Found this on Etsy at Suenios Encantados.  They did a fantastic job! But, I made a big mistake. I forgot to call the Clubhouse and reserve the date for his party. I remembered to call AFTER I sent the invitations! And guess what...they are closed for renovations for at least two weeks. So, I had to quickly find a new location for the party. After numerous phone calls we found that we could use our church for the venue! Perfect!

And so the party was moved to the Comins Mennonite Church. And there we began set up for our party! We had "Wonder Dogs" {Hotdogs stuffed with cheese wrapped in crecent rolls}, "Doctor Octopus Dogs" {Hotdogs cut in half and legs cut in one end to form legs}, and "Joker Juice." We had a Super Hero Photo Shoot. We popped Energy Capsules. And of course face painting!

{Energy Capsules filled with candy}

{Made with love by Aunt Jami!}

We made homemade comic book bunting and a city-scape made from poster board. And got a couple extra capes and masks from a shop called FunKidStuff.

I have to say I was completely exhausted afterwards, but it was so worth it! Wyatt had so much fun. And it was so nice visiting with everyone that came! I think it is safe to say Wyatts 5th birthday was a huge success!

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