Thursday, May 30, 2013

Good Times!

Wyatt and I have got to spend some one on one time together, which has been nice, because we don't get to do that much. The first "date" we went to Tim Hortons for donuts and hot chocolate. We had a great morning! {I won't tell you about our afternoon and ruin the mood....I will just give you a hint: bad behavior.}

Today, we went to Aspen Park for Wyatt to ride on the bike trails. He was so excited. Poor guy doesn't really get to ride his bike at home because of the poor terrain.

We got to see the elk. Wasn't sure if we would catch them there or not, but we did!

It was SO hot and muggy, but fun all the same. It was good to set aside time for us to reconnect and recharge our relationship. We definitely need to make a better effort to do it more often.

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