Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sleep Success!

Last week we were sleep training. After much prayer and then talking to a friend who had just experience the same sleep and feeding issues, I had renewed determination. I had a night that I didn't feel absolutely exhausted so I figured this was the night to start.

Our poor son shares a room with our little night owl. And I was really worried that he wouldn't get any sleep, but he said the next morning he didn't hear anything. Not sure how he couldn't, but happy her crying didn't affect him.

It was hard, and I tried all other options before I let her cry it out. But, it worked. I guess... I am not sure if it was that or things just clicked for her. Saturday, we went away for the weekend and stayed at a hotel, she slept ALL night. From about 10pm to 7am. She slept in a pack 'n play right next to me in the bed. I was shocked and amazed and of course elated! It was a stark contrast to the previous nights we had been having.

Sunday, we had a few hiccups, but minor. She would wake up, I would let her cry for about 30 seconds and would go in and shush her and lay her back down. I had to do that a few times, but she went back to sleep.

Monday to now, she is sleeping all night, even putting herself to sleep if she wakes up! She is even sleeping for up to 11 hours straight!

In addition to sleeping all night, she is taking her naps! I can even put her down without nursing! She is doing so great.

I am so grateful for the sleep-full nights. And I thank the Lord for giving me the perseverance and energy I needed to work with her at night.

My best advice: Don't give up! Pray! I couldn't have done it without relying on God for strength.

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