Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pine Cones

I was outside enjoying the sunshine when my son started bringing me pine cones that he had found on the ground. I got to looking at them and thinking, "These would make a really neat center piece." So we went on to gather a grocery sack full of pine cones together.

I bought some white spray paint and started painting. After painting some of them white  I noticed that the white with the natural color of the pine cones looked nice together giving a warm and charming look.

Then I went on to do an all white arrangement which has a sort of shabby chic look.

These are a great way to bring the outdoors in for anyone who loves nature. They add a new dimension to center pieces and character.

 I plan on doing other assortments and eventually adding scents for potpourri. So far these two assortments are available for purchase at my shop. You can click on The ArtisTree on the left under the heading My Shop!