Thursday, June 28, 2012

Josie is One Month Old!

I have to say this month has just flown by! It doesn't seem possible that our sweet little girl is 4 weeks old today! She is doing great! We had our one month check up yesterday and she is now 7 lbs 8 oz and is 20.5 inches long! She is definitely on the small side with her growth. We had another blood test for her jaundice and it has come down more to 10.4. The pediatrician says it is due to breastfeeding. Not sure how that works, but he said it is within normal levels and should clear up in another month and will not harm her.

{Our little Josie, 1 Month Old}

{Look! She already knows how to count!}

{She looks just like me when I was a baby!}

She is sleeping consistantly between five and six and a half hours at night. She gets a diaper change, nurses, and then goes right back to sleep!  She still has a ton of hair and is still as wild as ever. {She is my little punk rocker!}

She is still way too little for the cloth diapers and I'm not sure when she will fit into them. We have found that Huggies diapers are not a good fit for us. Almost always they are garaunteed to leak everything.

She has broken out in new baby rash. Looks awful, poor girl, but she is still beautiful.  She has thrush too, but we are going to try putting coconut oil on her tongue instead of using a perscription to try to combat it naturally.

The last month I have had it pretty easy with meals thanks to some of the wonderful moms at MOPs. Last Friday was the first meal I had to make for our family in three weeks! I will be forever grateful to them for that! It definitely helped ease us into life with two kids. Less cooking equals less dishes and more time to devote to our kids. It has been great.

Monday night she had her first bottle given by her Papa! I helped out with VBS and pumped a bottle just in case since I would be gone for about two hours. My dad said she took it no problem! I had left him with two different bottles and four different nipples to try just in case and he didn't need them!

Overall she is doing wonderfully! We couldn't be happier with her! God gave us a great gift!

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