Saturday, June 2, 2012

Josie's Birth Story

Our due date was June 1 and I thought for sure she would be early. I was thinking more of a week early, she was thinking more like a day. I woke up early Thursday morning to my water breaking all on its own. I didn't know it at the time, but confirmed my suspicions at a Dr.'s appointment in the afternoon. The doctor sent us right over to get admitted to the hospital and we were in our room a little after 3pm. We were only dilated to 4 at that time.

About 4pm we were started on Pitocin to help me get my contractions going. As we waited we took in the last moments as a family of three.

{Our Family of three}

{So excited waiting for his little sister to come}

At 6:30pm I was checked and still was only dilated to 4. At 7pm contractions were in full swing. At 8pm the nurse came in and said she would check me again for progress at 8:30pm {A whole half hour of painful contractions more?!} Okay, I can do this... She suggested I try to go to the bathroom that it may help move things along. So I did. And it worked! I felt an uncontrollable need to push and we rushed back to the bed. They called for the doctor to come {who was still at home} and started to break down the bed. They told me to try to not push {easier said than done!} The doctor made it, asked if there was time to change into scrubs. Yeah, sure, I guess. So he left. A couple contractions more, I was able to not push. Next one, not so much. My body took over control and I had to push. Our doctor rushed in just in time to deliver. At 8:27 our little Josie Mae was born! Who would of thought it could go that fast! I am forever thankful that it did though!

The best part was when they put her on my belly and told me we had a baby girl! It was absolutely incredible! She was beautiful. She gave a little cry and then just laid there looking around taking everything in. 

{Daddy gets to hold her for the first time!}


She is the best baby! She never fusses, never cries! When she isn't sleeping she is content just lying there looking around. She is snugly and sweet. She is tiny! She has the longest fingers and feet!

Josie Mae
Born May 31, 2012
@ 8:27pm
6 lbs 4 oz
19.5 inches long

{Wyatt gets to hold Josie for the first time!}

{Happy big brother}

{Going home!}

{Home at last!}

Well, we are home and already had our first visitors! It feels SO great to be home! Wyatt is just smitten with his new sister. He can't leave his hands off her! Constantly holding her hand, kissing her, and hovering over her! After we put him to bed Josie started crying because she was hungry, Wyatt came running out of his bedroom asking if she was okay! He says, "Well, I'm the big brother, I need to see if she is okay." He is taking his role very seriously!

Now for transition. Adjusting to a life with two kids will surely take some time, but I am definitely looking forward to it! The biggest challenge so far is going to be Wyatt. He has been a big help so far, almost giving too much help. He is still learning how to act around her. After he mellows a bit, I have no doubt he will be a fantastic big brother!

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