Wednesday, November 20, 2013

12 Things You May Not Know About Me

When I try to think of a list of things people may not know about me, I have a hard time. I feel like I am pretty much an open book. I don't hide my feelings. And I don't shy away from issues just because they may be unpopular by some. It's funny in a way, that the people who have a problem with what I believe or the opinions I hold are the ones who push for tolerance and acceptability.

I guess to some I probably look a little crazy. I may go against the grain on popular opinion. I understand. We live in a society where social issues are rampant. We focus a great deal on how we feel. I feel this way, so everyone else should feel the same way. We base our opinions on emotions rather than truth. What is truth? Well, I believe the Bible to be truth, therefore, I try to align myself along with what the Bible teaches. I have a biblical worldview. I look at issues through Bible Binoculars so to speak. Or at least I try to. That is me. Others don't. Do I think badly of those who disagree. No! We are free to make our own choices, our own decisions, and form our own beliefs. God gave us that choice. I am not here to judge, I am here to love. 

So, about me? Lets see...

  1. Two things have changed me and my life substantially: Having children and a relationship with God. 
  2. I was deeply depressed in High School. Ninth grade was the worst. I isolated myself from my friends and family and didn't want to live. I had extremely low self esteem.  It was about the same time I turned away from God. Go figure. 
  3. I am extremely shy and quiet around people I don't know. It takes a LONG time for me warm up to someone depending on how often I see them. 
  4. I am talkative and outgoing once I am in my comfort zone. 
  5. I will probably never let anyone else clean the bathroom. There IS a right way and a wrong way. 
  6. I make my husband wash his hands after killing a spider. Even if he never actually touched it. 
  7. I got an MIP when I was 19. 
  8. If money wasn't an issue, I would adopt. But, do want to be a foster family in the near future.
  9.  I LOVED working and even still miss it. I was torn with the decision to be a stay at home mom. {Wouldn't change a thing though.}
  10. I struggle with my purpose in life outside being a mom. God gave me talents and skills, and I often wonder what He wants me to use them for. 
  11. One of my biggest fears deals with public restrooms and children. Especially when they are transitioning to going on their own. 
  12. One of my biggest hopes is that my kids won't succumb to the pressures/temptations of the world and loose their faith. 

I am myself and no one else. There is only one me. I am so thankful for God who never gave up on me.


  1. Good post, Lacey! I didn't realize you dealt with depression. It's a horrible thing, and I'm glad you found you're way back to your light. I'm kind of inspired to do a post like this now, too. Thank you for sharing! :) Love you guys!

    1. Thanks Mandy. Finding my way back to God was my light. Without Him, I don't know where I'd be right now. Love ya!